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Find Your Ring Size

BuyFineDiamonds is happy to assist you in determining the correct ring size. You can also learn how to find your ring size using our ring size guide. If your ring size is not listed for the ring you choose, please call us at + 44 207 4040 492 for assistance. You can also rest assured that Buyfinediamonds offers one complimentary resizing for our standard ring styles within 30 days of shipment to our UK customers.

Request a Free Ring Sizer

We are happy to send you a complimentary plastic ring sizer so that you can easily measure your ring size at home. Plastic ring sizers shipped to the UK will arrive within five to seven business days

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Ring Sizing Guide

If you would like to determine your ring size immediately, we suggest that you print our simple Ring Sizing Guide and read the instructions carefully. Before you print, be sure to check that page scaling is set to "none" on your print dialog box2.

How to Find her Ring Size
How to Find her Ring Size

Phone a friend: Her friend might have bought her a ring before. It’s also very likely the topic of engagement rings could have popped up in a conversation with her friends.

Borrow a ring: If your partner wears rings, take one of her rings to your local jewellers and get it measured, it’s tricky to secretly do this but also a pretty accurate method.

Sleeping Beauty: If your partner is heavy sleeper, you’re in luck! While she blissfully slumbers, wrap a piece of paper or string around her ring finger to get the size.

Trace it: When you get a chance take one of her rings and place it on a paper, draw a circle on inside of the ring and you’ve got her ring size. Pretty simple.

The average finger size: The Average finger size is a 6 to 6.5 for women, and 9 to 10 for men. When no other information is available to you, selecting one of these sizes is your best choice.

Helpful Hints

Our dominant hands are generally slightly larger – make sure you measure for her left!

Rings with wider bands will fit a bit tighter. If you plan to measure one of her rings, try to measure one with a similar width as the ring you want to purchase.

If it comes down to guessing, err on the large side. You want the ring to be able to slip onto her finger when you’re proposing!

International Ring Size Conversion

All Buyfinediamonds rings are specified in standard UK sizes. If you are looking for Australia, New Zealand, US, or Ireland ring sizes, view our ring size conversion chart

US & Canada Australia, New Zealand, UK & Ireland US & Canada Australia, New Zealand, UK & Ireland
3 F 8 P 1/2
3 1/4 F 1/2 8 1/4 Q
3 1/2 G 8 1/2 Q 1/2
3 3/4 G 1/2 8 3/4 R
4 H 9 R 1/2
4 1/4 H 1/2 9 1/4 S
4 1/2 I 9 1/2 S 1/2
4 3/4 J 9 3/4 T
5 J 1/2 10 T 1/2
5 1/4 K 10 1/4 U
5 1/2 K 1/2 10 1/2 U 1/2
5 3/4 L 10 3/4 V
6 L 1/2 11 V 1/2
6 1/4 M 11 1/4 W
6 1/2 M 1/2 11 1/2 W 1/2
6 3/4 N 11 3/4 X
7 N 1/2 12 X 1/2
7 1/4 O 12 1/4 Y
7 1/2 O 1/2 12 1/2 Z
7 3/4 P 12 3/4 Z 1/2