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Best Guaranteed Price

The Buyfinediamonds Price Match Guarantee makes it easy to purchase diamond or diamond jewellery with peace of mind. If you find a comparable GIA graded diamond or jewellery at a lower price, call + 44 207 4040 492 If the offer meets our qualifications, we’ll match the price. There is no comparison when it comes to the value and quality of Buyfinediamonds.

Our aim is to provide our prized customers with the top selling price for their diamonds in comparison to others in the jewellery and diamond industry. This program lets you compare a competitor’s diamond price against an identical price at Buyfinediamonds. The diamonds, of course, must be of similar cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. We can provide you with an exceptional value for your diamonds at any given point, for that all you need to give us, is a link to our competitor’s website offer or any print of the price offer.

Diamond Price Match Guarantee Guidelines

In order to demonstrate that we provide you outstanding value relative to the high street, we regularly conduct research into high street competitor pricing. We conducted a mystery shopping trip and visited a range of competitors in-store. We asked them to quote on a range of GIA diamonds and compared that to the equivalent price of GIA diamonds on the Buyfinediamonds website**. We found that we were between 35% to 75% better value or on average 55% better value across the entire range of diamonds and stores.

The Buyfinediamonds Price Guarantee is possible because we are the direct manufacturer and supplier to many retailers in the UK and around the world. This enables us to skip out the usual journey of jewellery – from the manufacturer to the jewellery dealer, to a wholesale jewellery store. It also explains why most of our diamond jewellery comes with certificates.

Simply contact Buyfinediamonds at + 44 207 4040 492 with your diamond quality and price specifications. A Diamond & Jewellery Consultant will locate matching Buyfinediamonds. In most cases, Buyfinediamonds expects to have the lowest price. In those cases where the competitor's diamond is less, Buyfinediamonds will match the lower price.

Buyfinediamonds & Jewellery Consultants do not work on commission, so there's no pressure, no sales pitch. Buyfinediamonds is happy to help you and for that reason, our committed staff will guide and assist you at every step. We would gladly attend to all your queries concerning the price matching program

To ensure fair and unbiased results the diamond grading would be done by the GIA or IGI and the diamonds would be compared on the basis of Four C’s (i.e. cut, clarity, color, and carat weight ) as well as of similar table and depth percentage, polish, fluorescence, and symmetry. The offer does not stand valid for any promotional pricing schemes or clandestinely discounted items. The price matching program does not apply to any of our products that are exclusively bespoke for you. A customer can match a boundless number of diamonds as our attempt is to provide you with the best price for your diamonds or jewellery.

To get started, simply contact a Diamond & Jewellery Consultant at +44 207 4040 492