Design Your Own Bespoke Engagement Ring

Bespoke Jewellery

From bespoke engagement rings to custom diamond jewellery, our expert design team will work with you to craft your unique piece.

We Bring your Jewellery Design to Life

Design your own ring, create your own necklace, make your own earrings, whatever piece of jewellery you choose to design, our artisans can turn your vision into a reality. We make it easy for you to create bespoke jewellery online.

How A Custom Piece Is Made

Step: 1

Design Inspiration

You give us the details of the design, whether it’s a picture you provide or a verbal description of the item you wish to create. Our bespoke design team to inspire and create a unique design that matches your requirements and reflects your personal style.

Step: 2

Our Design

Once your design ideas have been captured the design is realized through 3D computer aided design to provide a visual preview of your bespoke piece.

Step: 3

The Unique Result

Once you’ve approved the CAD image and the details of the ring’s composition our master craftsman sculpts and set your design by hand to the highest standard or luxury jewellery to realize your vision. We will then begin to craft your bespoke item which will take around 3-4 weeks to make.

Create Your Own Custom Jewellery

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