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Bracelet Guide

With endless choices of qualities, metals, and styles, shopping for jewellery can often be an overwhelming experience. Whether you need a ring for an engagement, the perfect accessory for a special occasion, or a unique gift for a loved one, our jewellery guides offer the information you need to identify the quality of a jewellery piece and find the style that meets your taste and your budget.

Diamond Bracelets

Nothing sparkles like diamonds and when they’re encircling your wrist they make a simple but unforgettable statement. Diamond bracelets can vary widely in carat weight and quality. Although it can be tempting to purchase the largest diamonds at the lowest price, we recommend focusing primarily on the quality of the stones. For optimum brilliance and beauty, choose a bracelet with diamonds that are graded no less than I in color and SI2 in clarity.

The most popular style is the diamond line bracelet, commonly known as a "tennis bracelet." The in-line diamond bracelet is so named for the 1987 incident in which women's tennis star Chris Evert stopped a game to collect the diamonds from her broken bracelet. This discreetly elegant accessory has been worn by tennis players – and their fans – ever since. The tennis bracelet is a classic, simple setting, designed to emphasize the innate beauty of the diamonds. Other popular diamond bracelet styles include bezel settings and diamond bangles, both of which achieve a chic, contemporary look.

Gemstone Bracelets

If you’re looking for a fresh alternative to traditional diamonds, other gemstones make a colorful and somewhat more casual impression. Ranging from simple to elaborate, gemstone bracelets can be entirely made up of one stone type, or may intersperse colors or cuts of different precious stones. Gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds make a stylish gift or a girl or young woman. Presenting a bracelet set with the precious stone representing her birth month is a thoughtful gesture. A popular variation of the classic gemstone bracelet alternates diamonds with colored gemstones, creating a dramatic contrast between the brilliant fire of diamonds and the vivid colors of the gemstones.


Originating from traditional Indian bridal jewellery, Bangle Bracelets have made their way into contemporary western fashion. Usually worn in a set, they complete any outfit and comply with any dress code. Gold and Diamond bangles are increasingly popular as chic solo pieces or in sets of white, yellow and rose gold.

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets come in a variety of sizes for children and adults as well as in both sterling silver and gold. Charm bracelets are a wonderful way to establish a tradition of marking the sacraments and milestones in your child’s life. Add a charm to her charm bracelet to celebrate each major event, such as First Communion, Confirmation and graduation. Charm bracelets are an ideal sentimental gift for any occasion. The charms add a symbolic meaning to the bracelet, while subtly catching the eye and flattering the wrist.

Buying Bracelet

Must have: Every woman needs a nice set of two or three gold bangles in her bracelets wardrobe. Shiny, versatile and elegant at the same time, gold bangles complement fine clothes and enhance casual fashions. Collect extra gold and silver bangles and, over time, you'll have enough to mix and match to suit your mood.

Special occasions: Consider investing in a spectacular bracelet to wear for special occasions. The style will depend on your preference for your other fine jewellery but will likely be diamond or pearl jewellery, maybe both. Diamond bracelets catch the light every time you move your arm and match well with diamond earrings. A cultured pearl bracelet completes a suite of pearl jewellery or is a fitting alternative to the pearl strand necklace.

Gifts: The diamond tennis bracelet makes a wonderful jewellery gift; it is beautiful and always fashionable. Like the fine gold chain, a diamond tennis bracelet can be worn with almost any clothing style. The design is simple -- just a row of diamonds set in gold or platinum links -- yet there are many variations available. Birthstone bracelets and sterling silver bracelets with engraved heart tags also make fabulous gifts.

For the man who includes jewellery in his fashion, a men's bracelet is stylish gift. Personalize the gift by choosing an ID tag bracelet for him and having the tag engraved. When the occasion calls for more glamour, present him with one of the many attractive diamond bracelets designed for men.