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Diamond Clarity

Inclusions found on a diamond can be considered nature's birthmarks, the distinguishing characteristics that make the stone unique. When grading a diamond, the amount of inclusions and blemishes has a direct impact on its clarity and value. Flawless diamonds containing no inclusions are extremely rare and very expensive. A majority of the commercially sold diamonds contains inclusions that are undetectable to the unaided eye.

A diamond's clarity rating is based on the size, number, and location of internal and external characteristics. Known as inclusions, internal characteristics include crystals, clouds, and feathers. External characteristics, or surface irregularities, are called blemishes. As most inclusions can't be seen by the naked eye, gemologists use a ten-power (10x) microscope to rate a diamond's clarity.

Diamond Clarity Grading Chart

FL-IF : Flawless, Internally Flawless

Under 10x magnification, inclusions are not visible, rarest clarity grade

FL: No visible blemishes, < 1% of diamonds

IF: Very slight blemishes, < 3% of diamonds

VVS1-VVS2 : Very, Very Slightly Included

Under 10x magnification, inclusions are so small, it is difficult to see.

VVS1: Inclusions in bottom-half, pavilion

VVS2: Inclusions in top-half, crown

VS1-VS2 : Very Slightly Included

Under 10x magnification, inclusions are minor, slightly visible.

VS1: Slightly less inclusions than VS2

VS2: Slightly more inclusions than VS1

SI1-SI2 : Slightly Included

Under 10x magnification, inclusions are noted, more visible

SI1: Inclusions possibly invisible to the eye

SI2: Inclusions often visible to the eye

I1 : Included

Under 10x magnification, inclusions are obvious, visible to the eye

I1: Grade loose diamond are not offered by Buyfinediamonds

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