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Diamond Carat

A diamond's weight is measured in carats. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The larger the carat the heavier the diamond.

One Diamond carat is divided into 100 point. A 0.25 carat diamond is the same as a 25 points or 1/4 carat diamond. Carat is often confused with size even though it is actually a measure of weight.

Diamond Size and Diamond Carat Weight

The size of a diamond is proportional to its carat weight. When rough diamonds are cut and polished into finished diamonds, up to 2/3 of the total carat weight may be lost. Since larger rough gems of high quality are found less frequently than smaller rough gems of high quality, a single two carat diamond will be more expensive than two one-carat diamonds of the same quality.

In the United Kingdom, the majority of diamonds used in jewellery and sold as loose diamonds are one carat or less in weight. The average engagement ring diamond sold in the U.K. is less than 1 carat in weight.

A diamond will increase in weight much faster than it increases in actual "face-up" diameter. For example, while an ideal cut one-carat diamond measures approximately 6.5mm in width, a diamond of twice its weight measures only 8.2mm wide—less than a 30% increase. The graphic to the left helps illustrate this point.

Which Carat Weight Is Right For You?

This question has no direct answer. It is a choice that depends on personal preference and budget. When looking at a diamond engagement ring, what is most visible is the size of the surface area on the top of the diamond. It is difficult to measure a diamond’s carat weight simply by looking at it. Although carat weight influences cost quite a bit, it is advisable to focus on diamond cut and diameter.

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